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Scale Models

The majority of our members build scale models because they represent “the real thing” built at a miniature size or ‘scale’.

Club members build and sail a large variety of scale models ranging from Steam Packet ferries to fishing trawlers, tug boats, workboats, naval vessels and even working submarines.

For a newcomer there are several ways to start building a scale model;

  1. Buying a complete ready to run kit such as the ‘Southampton’ tug boat for about £160 including batteries and radio gear.
  2. Buying a kit of parts and building the model up yourself using glue, paint and adding motors, batteries and radio gear. Many model shops will sell you all the parts you need to make up your kit.
  3. Buying a fiberglass hull and a set of plans and completing the boat by buying or making the superstructure and individual fittings.
  4. Scratch building a boat from a set of plans; some modelers even draw up their own plans and build the engines to power their models.

Scale modelers are well catered for during the sailing season with a number of events specifically for scale boats including steering competition, tug towing, scale competition, naval competitions and a “lit up” Venetian evening.

Scale 6
Scale 1
Scale 4
Scale 5
Scale 2
Scale 3


Model yachting developed as a sport on the Island in the late 19th century and between the two World Wars was a major pastime. Following a post-war decline, interest is now reviving in both vintage boats and the modern radio controlled yachts.

Following on from early gaff-rigged cutters and schooners, two main classes evolved for the free-sailing vintage yachts, these were the 36″ restricted and the 50″ Marblehead. Sailing of the vintage yachts is becoming more popular again, with members fitting simple radio control to the rudder function which provides much easier control of these free-sailing models.

In addition to free sailing models, members also sail modern radio controlled one meter yachts.

You can find most model yachting members sailing and holding races at Ramsey Mooragh lake throughout the season.

Modern 1 metre yachts cost around £150 without the radio or sail winch while the larger yachts cost progressively more. 

Yacht 6
Yacht 5
Yacht 2
Yacht 4
Yacht 1
Yacht 3

Static Models

A number of our members build static models and dioramas. These models don’t sail and there can be huge variety of subjects modelled. Dioramas range in size from a few cm long to over 1.5m long. We have a separate judging classes for static & diorama models.

Static 3 1
Static 5
Static 4
Static 6
Static 2 1
Static 1 1

Other Models

In recent years members interests have diversified into other types of models, particularly model vehicles and trucks. Some members have even built amphibious trucks which can drive around and also sail on the water.

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Truck 6
Truck 5
Truck (3)
Truck 2
Truck 1
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