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Welcome to the Manx Model Boat Club



Proposed new challenges are as follows:-

1. Manufacture and sail a pop pop boat

Boat length should not exceed 300mm. 

From research  they will fall into two main engine categories (a) flexible boiler hence pop-pop and (b) a heated coil. There are also two main methods of heating (1) some form of candle e.g. tea lights etc (ordinary candles apparently give off too much soot) and (2) meths or oil soaked wicks in holder. Again from research there are pro's and con's to each method so experimentation would seem to be on the cards.

There could be 4 entry classes, viz.  a1; a2;  b1;  b2. Apart from the boat length there is no building restriction, however my current thought is to run the challenge in a 10 foot diameter kiddies paddling pool with the boats tethered to a central pivot so a tethering point in the bow of the craft or amidships should be built in.

Prizes (something cheap and in very bad taste) envisaged for the fastest, the most innovative; the prettiest; possibly the nicest smelling and anything else I can think of. Once again my decision is final and liable to change by the minute and on the spot.

2. Sailing two boats simultaneously on one transmitter

I will provide the boats and transmitter.  One boat will have its rudder and throttle on the left stick and the other the same on the right stick. Both boats will have ahead and reverse ONLY i.e. no speed control.  The idea is to start off with the boats on  each side of the pier facing forward  then to be sailed TOGETHER round a simple course  - say out through a gate round a distance buoy then back down though another gate to finish one on each side of the pier facing inwards .  The usual penalties will apply, and the buoys will be alive all the times. There will also be penalties for any boat being intentionally stopped for any perceptible  length of time -say more than --30 secs. This challenge could develop into an on- running event over the season with points accrued divided by number of attempts!

In addition to the new challenges we are proposing to hold a Commodores Challenge event day where we can re-run previous classes;

3. Rubber band powered models.

4. Compressed air powered models.

5. Straight Running models.

(see rules from previous challenges below).

Cheers BOB